Replacing Your Out-of-Date CMS

Imagine for a moment that one of your team members has come up with a great way to campaign your nonprofit’s newest initiative via social media.

How quickly can you set up a fundraising page that social posts can link to? If you’re currently using Convio, Blackbaud’s Content Management System (CMS), then the answer is probably “not fast enough.” But this isn’t because Convio isn’t a powerful tool – it is. It’s because Convio by nature isn’t a platform that has adapted well to the lightning pace at which non-profit digital campaigns occur today.

Convio obviously has powerful content management, email marketing, donation & fundraising capabilities. But the truth is that while a closed-source platform like Convio does offer important features to nonprofits, one thing it doesn’t offer is the ability to work at the speed of campaign creativity.

In this whitepaper, we’ve outlined a 3-step plan that breaks down the various capabilities within Convio, and provide powerful alternatives for each that will drive growth for your organization.

Download the white paper below