Discover how to Create Experiences that Empower the User

Enterprise software has never been known for being photogenic. Run a quick Google Image search, and you’ll find it extremely difficult to find screenshots of a CRM or an ERP platform. Instead, what you get are word clouds about software features, vague flowcharts and brand logos.

In the past, when we’ve thought about what differentiates business software, we would think in terms of features. Features are a great way of quantifying the value of a product, but they can actually harm a software project when used as an end goal.

The answer here lies in “Design Thinking,” a process which jettisons Feature Thinking and seeks first to determine the wants of the end user. By keeping user desires as a guiding light, Design Thinking allows developers to create products that are both helpful and intuitive.

In this whitepaper, you’ll learn more about designing enterprise software for the end user.