How to Drive Personalized, Social Journeys that Inform, Engage & Empower

Customer Portals are a scalable way to managing your customers through automation. However, when done incorrectly, they often add more headache, more overhead, and more complexity to your existing CSR and operations team.

Having an effective web-based customer or client portal not only helps to decrease support costs, it gives your customers much-needed access to information and other customers.

Since self-service is a popular option in the “I can Google that” era, an online customer portal helps your company control (and have insight into) the flow of information and the access your customers have to solutions. But, it can’t be
all about cutting costs. In order to motivate your customers to utilize your portal, you need to make it a worthwhile platform for both them and your organization.

In this whitepaper, you’ll learn more about how to build a more effective Customer Portal.